We are ARES and we love to build

Ares Development LLC is owned by Dan Adiletta. Mr. Adiletta leads a team of incredible contractors available to support projects of all sizes. Through a collaboration with Gilmour Academy, new and talented designers and developers work with Ares Development to grow their own professional skills.

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We play an important part in your growth

Software Development

We build full-stack web apps using Python-Flask or Compass AE.

Website Hosting

Ares hosts and manages WordPress websites for dozens of clients.

Theme Implementation

We've adapted to many new frameworks to implement HTML themes.

Marketing Collateral

From video promos to fliers, Ares produces a variety of media.

What We do

Ares provides a range of services, the most popular is our hands-on management of small companies' WordPress websites. We can quietly monitor your site or provide a couple different types of more active styling and content services.
When it's whole new apps our client wants, we'll use one of two frameworks, CompassAE or Python's Flask.

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