Freelance Web Development

Python Web Apps
React Native UI
Student Involvement
Freelance Developer
Ares Development LLC takes work-for-hire contracts. I work on the code, help you develop your idea, pull in additional help where needed, but you own the final product. I'm a Computer Science Teacher that programs primarily in Python and JavaScript and styles in HTML and Sass. While I have some small experience in Java, WPF, Unity, and Rails, I've been building a network of specialized web devs. That's where we're strongest.
Other Services
In addition to software development, Ares Development also provides consulting and web maintenance services. I've worked on educational technology software rollout and new user onboarding strategies. I make a variety of marketing collateral including vector art, animated videos, and designing social media campaigns. I also provide hosting and maintenance services for WordPress websites.
$75 / hour
Standard dev rate
$35 / hour
Lowest, reserved fee
$60 / year
WordPress hosting
$15 / year
Maintaining domain
Ares Process
Ares follows a few different formula depending on what the client wants and how much prep work has been done. The ideal Ares client has wireframes already made out for a cross-platform app. We'll put together a statement of work, talk over the fine details, build our KANBAN board, and then work like mad. No matter what your starting point, we'll keep you informed about every logged hour as it's punched into our system.
Student Involvement
Nothing motivates me more to meet the highest of professional standards than working with students. Clients don't hear from students. I engage young software developers as subcontractors. I assist students to become freelancers and "farm out" work to these independent agents so they are kept in a safe legal framework. Ares Development LLC is your only point of contact and is responsible for all the work done on your project.

We study hard, work harder, and enjoy the build.